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Slide1 Slide4 Slide16Falalala Fractions!

This product was so fun to make!  My friends Erin and Jen, plus myself LOVE to watch Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies all through the months of November and December.  We have our annual Hallmark Movie day (which we may have twice this year!:) ) in which we start early in the morning in our pajamas at one of our house’s.  This year Erin hosted and she collected movies from October 31st (the official start date) on.  We each bring something to eat and sip on some delicious drink such as coffee (there might be Bailey’s in it) or orange juice (which might have champagne in it).  Then, we snuggle up and laugh at how cheesy and predictable these movies are.  But oh, how we love them!!!

This product was inspired by a Christmas movie series on every woman’s favorite movie channel- Falalala Lifetime!  We are beginning a new unit on Fractions tomorrow (sigh) when we go back to school post Thanksgiving break.  So, I needed some fraction problem solving as well as some math filled with cheer! This product has  12 Fraction word problems aligned to the 4th grade CCSS on Fraction Equivalence and Comparison.  I am sure I will be adding more to this product or more like it since I had such fun making it!! 🙂 I hope this helps keep your math merry! You can buy this product here.


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