Summer, Don’t Go!

I can’t lie.  I get VERY excited for the beginning of the school year!!!! At the same time, I have had a much needed and very relaxing summer.  It is so typically human of me to feel nostalgia for the summer which hasn’t completely left yet, but anxious to get back into the school year groove.  I get a little stir crazy towards the end of July, but I’ve worked on many personal projects this summer, including: this blog,  my personal writing, my TPT store, and Netflix. 😳

Nonetheless, yesterday began my transition back to the school year (math training😳).  My friend and I laugh about how a new school year for us is really like the official “New Year” rather than January 1st.  I think I might wear my Happy New Year party hat for the first day of school 🙂  Seriously.  I was joking about that, but I think my kids would get a kick out of it AND one of Lucy Calkins’ first lessons in her new Common Core 3rd grade writing units of study is setting goals for the New Year.  I think this really might happen in my classroom.   I will be sure to write a post…with pictures:)

Although many people think teachers have the dream job of having summers off, -okay so I was going to point out how we work so hard, etc.  But I need to say  YES! It is fantastic having the summers off.  Sometimes when I wonder what else I could be doing in my life, what other career…I then remember I would probably have to work during the summer.  Then, I forget about the new career entirely (unless it involved writing full time😀).  However, the past 2 summers have been the first real summers I have actually had off and not been teaching, working at a summer camp, working a second job, or in school myself.

I have still done a lot of school work the past few months, which I would NEVER get done during the school year.  So, yes-teachers need summers off.  I left out the part of the mental regrouping which is essential for this job.

What I have enjoyed MOST about my summer would be spending time with Titan.  Speaking of Titan, he was selected by our vet as the Boarder of the Month for July & we received a gift certificate for 2 nights of free boarding!! WOOHOO! Time to plan a vacation!😄 We are so proud of him! Of course, Ryan and I act like it is our child bringing home the Student of the Month award.  It kind of felt like it.

Nice Work, Titan🎓

Nice Work, Titan🎓

To celebrate our star student and the last few days of summer I have left…we enjoyed some Chinese food, plus Ryan brought home Divergent (movie) fresh out of Redbox! I’ve been waiting to see this!!

I hope this Tuesday has treated you kindly!



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